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  • Are you a woman who owns her own business?
  • Do you want to work less and earn more?
  • Do you crave a regular income each month?
  • Do you exchange your time for money?
  • Would you love to take time away or even a holiday without worrying about losing money?


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Welcome To Membership Money Maker

My name is Kelly Cairns owner of The Tech Angel & The Tech Angel Club, and for years I have been helping business owners JUST LIKE YOU to build extremely profitable membership sites to deliver coaching & training packages.

Some are earning in excess of £3,000 EACH month! one client made £2,000 within 6 weeks of launching her club! I even run my very own Tech Club, so I can assure you I know what I'm talking about.

So why a membership site?

  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Create content once and sell time, after time
  • Create a following & buzz around your brand
  • Deliver your content many people at one time
  • GUARANTEED income every single month


"Kelly's knowledge and skills in creating membership sites and supporting you through learning the process are outstanding! She makes it super easy for you to understand without duming down, and both her programs and one to one assistance are something that my business NEEDS to make income. Kelly has helped me turn a Facebook page into a money mill by helping me to create a membership club, I now have a PASSIVE monthly income of over £2,000 thanks to my club and I expect this to keep growing - with Kelly's ongoing support! Thank you Kelly for helping me build a firm business foundation and income stream from which to build on, you're the best!" 

- Kate Spencer -


Listen to Kate Spencer, Law of Attraction Coach and owner of the Lightworkers Academy

Kate will share with you how having a membership site has completely turned her life around & transformed her business.

Kate generates a very impressive profit from her Lightworkers online Club, Kate is also now an Amazon best selling author and is heading towards 100,000 fans on her Facebook Page.

My 5 Day Crash Course so that you too can learn the basics of what's involved in a membership site

(no techy knowledge required)

Receive my 5 day crash course and you too can discover WHY and HOW you should have your own membership site

A Personal Preparation Guide

Use this document to plan the foundations of your Membership Programme.

Once you have completed this document, you will have done more planning and research than many other membership site owners had done at the start of their businesses. This will give you a "leg up" and get you off to a successful start as well as help you reduce the amount of pain and frustration you feel in the early stages of development.

Kelly is definitely my tech angel! I need ongoing support with my online membership club. She always resolves all of my issues and turns the work around really quickly, which you need when you're running a business. No question seems too silly, she walks you through the process step by step. I would highly recommend her to anyone, so long as my job isn't on her list first!!

Ruby McGuire
Cappuccino Coaching Club

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